Terms of Reference


The Transition Committee shall focus on assisting the Governor-elect in articulating the take-off plan for the new administration; drawing directly from the Manifesto and Campaign Agenda. It will also advise the Governor-elect on the appropriate implementation framework to adopt. It shall set the agenda and targets for the first 100 days of the new administration.

The Transition Committee shall be the overall body for planning and coordination of all activities leading to the inauguration of the Governor-Elect; as well as the overall planning of the activities in the first 3 – 4 months of the new administration.

The Committee shall be made up of 2 key Committees, broken up into their respective sub-committees, namely: Technical Committeeand Inauguration Planning Committee.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee shall be responsible for obtaining handover documentation from the outgoing administration and drafting the takeoff plan of the new administration. It shall articulate the first 100 days plansas well as its implementation framework. The Committee shall be disbanded at the inauguration of the new Government. After the inauguration of the Governor-elect, the Committee shall handover its work to the Policy Advisory Council (to be announced at the new government inauguration ceremony) who will continue with the supervision of implementation of the first 100 days plans as well as the development of a long term growth & development blueprint for the state.

Functions& Key Responsibilities:

The Technical Committee shall carry out the following functions:

  1. Develop a clear framework for liaison with the out-going Administration for the purposes of a smooth handover/take-over; and to receive handover documents from the Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  2. Establish baseline data / information on key aspects of governance in the state, to enable planning and proper tracking of achievements of the new administration;
  3. In line with the available information and the growth and development plan of the Governor-elect, as articulated in the Manifesto, outline the critical issues to be prioritized by the in-coming government;
  4. Review and make preliminary assessment of the balance sheet of the state government with particular emphasis on the status of assets and liabilities, cash flow position, level of domestic and external debt, outstanding contractual obligations and relevance of such projects to the overall plan of the new administration, and estimation of realistic development objectives for the first 100 days of the new administration in view of the available resources, liabilities, and contractual obligations
  5. Undertake preliminary assessment of the security challenges facing the state and the counter-insurgency measures taken by the government thus far; the policy measures being implemented to deal with major economic crimes towards revitalization of economic activities in the state;
  6. Suggest “quick-win” projects which will result in visible measures towards “rebuilding Imo State from the ruins”;
  7. Make any other recommendations which in its view will ensure the smooth take-off of the new administration.

Membership Structure:

The Committee shall operate a flat structure to ensure optimal efficiency. It shall consist of persons with technical expertise (by the virtue of the personnel offices and/or professional expertise) and political experience to guide the transition planning process, structured accordingly:

  1. The Chairman
  2. Vice Chairman
  3. Secretary

Nominated members of the Sub-Committees.

Each Sub-Committee is to consist of at least 3 members, reflecting the individuals’ professional standing or skill set as it relates to the sub-committee’s scope of engagement. All members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Governor-elect and shall collectively work to ensure the actualization of the goals and objectives defined in this TOR and overall vision of the Governor-elect. The Technical Committee shall define the take-off plan of the new administration particularly:

  1. The first 100 days plans
  2. The implementation and monitoring framework
  3. The planning framework
  4. The baseline statistics and growth tracking framework
  5. Initial thoughts on the focus of growth and development master plan / blueprint

The Technical Committee shall maintain a Secretariat that would:

  • Coordinate all transition activities
  • Support the Transition Committee and all the sub-committees
  • Be the secretariat of the Transition Committee and the Sub-Committees
  • Interact and engage with the public on matters concerning transition activities
  • Put together the Transition Committee and Sub-Committees’ reports.
The Committee’s work shall be handed over to the Policy Advisory Council after the inauguration of the new administration to guide the execution as well as supervise the development of growth and development master plan for the state.

Key Focus Areas

  • Our human capital development agenda is aimed at uplifting the lives of Imo indigenes, those living and working in Imo state. Thesub-committee shall liaise with the following Ministries (and Agencies & Departments under them) in gathering data on the state of human capital development in the state:

  • Our healthcare agenda is aimed at uplifting the lives of Imo indigenes, those living and working in Imo state. The sub-committee shall liaise with the following Ministries (and Agencies & Departments under them) in gathering data on the state of healthcare development in the state: • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary healthcare delivery • Database of medical workers in the states • Mechanism to secure universal access to healthcare: health insurance, etc. • State and effectiveness of the various healthcare infrastructure projects (for examples the general hospitals development projects)
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  • The finance review sub-committee shall be responsible for evaluating and scrutinizing the financial position of the state. This committee shall be a pool of professionals and experts in financial analysis and public accounts audit. They shall review and consolidate the finances in the following areas:
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  • This committee shall be responsible for the collation of information and data on the state of various infrastructure in the state which include : ICT, Roads, Rail, Water, Power, Housing, Public transportation, etc.
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  • In ensuring achievement of the good governance vision of the Governor-elect, this sub-committee shall review the various aspects of Imo State Government’s efficiencies and governance along the following dimensions:

    • Administration of Justice reforms
    • Due process
    • Civil service efficiencyand reforms
    • Local government operations and reforms
    • Policy advisory, budgeting, projects’ execution and monitoring frameworks
    • Transparency and accountability

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  • The Projects and Contracts Review Sub-Committee shall review the ongoing, abandoned and uncompleted projects in the state; as well as all subsisting contracts, and businesses the state is currently engaged in. A comprehensive framework for evaluating and monitoring of these contracts and projects will be developed by the committee and adopted as shall be reviewed by the Transition Technical Committee.
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  • This Sub-Committee shall review the various ongoing federal government and state government agricultural schemes in the state, as well as the subsisting state’s commerce and industry development roadmap; identifying agricultural hubs, industrial clusters and commercial hubs. It shall review the level of development and implementation of the plans as well as the infrastructural needs toward full realization of the plans.
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  • The Job and Wealth Creation Sub-Committee shall be engaged in activities of reviewing and evaluating industrialization, the various job creation and social intervention programmes that the state has been involved in. Areas of focus will include:

    • Youth empowerment programs
    • Job creation programs
    • Poverty alleviation programs
    • Women empowerment initiatives

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  • Hospitality industry has grown tremendously in the state; and Owerri can boast of more hotels than any other city in the South East. This is supported by the booming night life in Owerri metropolis. A proper development of the industry will position tourism as one of the mainstay of the state economy.
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  • This committee shall review the status of the variouspotentials, talent opportunities and entrepreneurship drives/schemes in the state. It shall study the economic opportunities and potentials that can be harnessed along the following areas: • Entertainment • Sports • Vulnerable group
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  • The committee shall be engaged with mapping practical strategies for overhauling the security infrastructure of the state towards better security of lives and property. The committee shall assess the security challenges of the state, liaise with the various security agencies for clear understanding of their involvement and strategies for safety of lives and property.
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  • This committee shall commence review of the Owerri masterplan and identify level of implementation and deviations from the master plan; and proffer solutions to correcting the deviations and ensuring the full implementation of the plan.
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  • The subcommittee shall focus on facilitating the recognition and participation of Imo State citizens abroad in the development and growth of the state’s economy in the new administration. The committee shall work along the following themes: • Capacity importation and impartation in the state • Capital projects development • Training and development
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